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Are you looking for ways to increase leads, improve conversions, and boost profits on your WordPress site? It’s not always necessary to purchase paid ads to get additional sales.

Consumers can be interested in purchasing relevant products on your website. So, it makes sense to offer the additional products together with the main order. If you take advantage of the CartFlows WordPress plugin you will save a lot of money on advertising.

The CartFlows WordPress plugin has been developed to help you build sales funnels on the online store fast and easy. The plugin comes with lots of great features. With CartFlows, you’ll have everything you need to create powerful sales channels on a WordPress site.

It takes only a couple of minutes to build an advanced sales fuel for your WordPress site with CartFlows installed on it. CartFlows is the WordPress plugin that works and provides a high return on investment.

In this review, we’ll provide you with insights into the CartFlows WordPress plugin. First of all, we’ll tell you about the CartFlows WordPress plugin briefly. Then, we’ll outline the pros and cons of the plugin. So, you’ll know what to expect from the plugin in the future. After that, we’ll dig deeper into the key features of the plugin and explain how CartFlows works. Lastly, we’ll share the final thoughts on CartFlows to help you make the conclusions. Hopefully, this review will help you decide if the plugin is worth buying or not.

So, let’s get started.

What is CartFlows WordPress Plugin?

CartFlows - What is CartFlows WordPress Plugin?

The CartFlows plugin is a sales funnel building system that has been developed for the WordPress platform. Do you offer products or services on your website? If so, the CartFlows plugin will be an effective marketing tool that you will be able to use for your business.

CartFlows is created with sellers in mind. The plugin makes it possible for online store owners to create sales funnels on their WordPress sites. Also, store owners will be able to monitor the performance of their sales funnels.

The plugin itself is a WooCommerce extension. The CartFlows is integrated into the WordPress dashboard and it works in the way other WordPress plugins do.

The CartFlows is an easy to use WordPress plugin that makes the checkout process simple and profitable.

As we’ve already said, the main advantage of CartFlows is that this WordPress plugin allows store owners to increase their sales significantly without additional advertisement costs.

Let’s say that you are offering one main product on your online store as well as several relevant products.

Sellers should aim to add value to the orders of their customers in order to sell more products on their sites. The CartFlows plugin helps with that.

The question is how to add the value to the order? Let’s assume that a person has already purchased a product at your online store. The best way to add value to an order of your customer is to offer items which are relevant to his/her main product.

The main goal of the CartFlows plugin is to help sellers connect products on their sites. When someone is going to purchase the main product on a site, just show him/her relevant products. This way, sellers can get additional sales for their businesses and, therefore, boost their profits. This will help sellers save money on advertising and make their marketing campaigns more effective.

Sellers have no problems with accepting payments on their online stores if they choose to use the CartFlows plugin. The plugin works pretty well with all major WooCommerce plugins such as Auth.Net, Cash on Delivery, PayPal, and Stripe.

About CartFlows WordPress Plugin

CartFlows Review - About CartFlows WordPress

The CartFlows WordPress plugin’s creators are: Adam Preiser and Sujay Pawar. Today, so many people all over the world use this plugin for their sites successfully.

Now, let’s take a look at the history of the plugin’s development. Adam Preiser and Sujay Pawar are two friends, who have been working closely together for many years.

The friends met to have dinner together in 2017. During the meeting, they had a conversation and talked about the different challenges that people face when buying products or services on WordPress e-commerce sites.

Friends came to the point that so many buyers found the checkout process on WordPress sites inconvenient. So, they decided to develop an effective solution to this problem. As a result, Adam Preiser and Sujay Pawar developed the CartFlows WordPress plugin later.

The main objective of the plugin is to make the checkout process on eCommerce sites convenient for buyers. With the CartFlows plugin, developers did their best to solve a lot of buyer’s issues. They aimed to make the checkout process WooCommerce buyer-friendly, reduce shopping cart abandonment, motivate people to make a purchase on a website, etc.

The CartFlows WordPress plugin makes it easy for online store owners to provide customers with discounts and create order bumps on their WordPress sites. Thus, potential customers will see additional products during the checkout process and add them to the order. The CartFlows plugin allows online store owners to create landing pages, checkout pages and custom thank you pages that they can use during the selling process.

It took Adam Preiser and Sujay Pawar 12 months to plan, develop, and implement the CartFlows WordPress plugin. Initially, they planned everything carefully and described the project in detail. Finally, they came out with an effective solution and developed the CartFlows WordPress plugin.

The CartFlows WordPress plugin quickly gained popularity. The number of people, who use the plugin, is constantly growing these days. No doubt that the plugin would be the perfect solution for everyone, who has a product to sell online.

Are you new to selling? It will take you no more than 20 minutes to create a sales funnel and start selling your products on an online store with CartFlows.

Do you have an existing online shop on WordPress? If so, you can make use of the CartFlows WordPress plugin to increase your sales and the site’s conversion rate.

Or, maybe, you run a web development agency? In this case, you will manage to use the CartFlows WordPress plugin when building the websites for your customers.

Building sales funnels with the plugin is easy. Using the CartFlows WordPress plugin allows sellers to build high converting flows effectively and quickly. Additionally, the plugin helps to control the performance of a sales funnel on the WordPress site. So, online store owners can see how many people view and buy their products.

With the CartFlows WordPress plugin, online sellers can implement different types of sales funnels into their shopping sites. The plugin allows online store owners to build Affiliate Funnel, Consultant Funnel, Lead Magnet Funnel, Free List Funnel, Tripwire Funnel, Survey Funnel as well as Sales Series (Level 1) and Sales Series (Level 2).

Each type of these sales funnels has its peculiarities. So, sellers should explore all of your options available carefully and then make the best possible choice. The plugin makes it possible for WordPress site owners to modify sales funnels. Business owners should get creative and customize your sales funnels for their unique business needs.

When customizing a sales funnel, as an online store owner you should aim to achieve the highest conversion rate for a website. As a result, you will build the right sales funnel that works effectively for your business.              

CartFlows WordPress Plugin Pros

– The CartFlows plugin provides an online store’s visitors with great user experience.

– The CartFlows plugin improves the site’s conversion rate and helps business owners get the most out of their marketing efforts.

– The CartFlows plugin offers a large selection of professionally designed WordPress page templates.

– The plugin comes with extendable unlike click funnels.

– Online store owners can use CartFlows plugin with their favorite page builders.

– WordPress site owners can integrate the plugin with various WooCommerce extensions.

– The CartFlows plugin is an affordable solution.

– The CartFlows plugin comes with the 30-day money-back guarantee.

CartFlows WordPress Plugin Cons

– WordPress skills are required to use the CartFlows plugin.

– You may need to install the additional plugins to use CartFlows for affiliate sites.

– The CartFlows plugin is suitable for the WordPress plugin only. Unfortunately, you can’t use it for Shopify and other platforms.

– The knowledge base doesn’t provide the detailed information on how to use the plugin.

– The plugin lacks A/B testing.

Key Features of CartFlows WordPress Plugin

The CartFlows plugin impresses online store owners with its amazing features. The plugin comes with all the necessary features for building sales funnels. Now, let’s take a closer look at the key features of the plugin.

Easy to Use Templates


CartFlows Review - Easy to Use Templates

The CartFlows WordPress plugin offers a large selection of easy to use templates for a WordPress site. All these plugins are ready to implement. So, you’ll be able to benefit from the ready templates to create landing pages, checkout pages and the so-called thank you pages on a WordPress site easily and quickly. But most importantly, all of these pages will convert traffic into sales well. So, you’ll turn your site’s visitors into customers successfully.

Optimized Checkout

CartFlows Review - Optimized Checkout

The developers of the CartFlows WordPress plugin have spent too much time on the optimization of the checkout process. This resulted in a higher conversion rate. So, you’ll get the conversion tested checkout for your WordPress website. With this type of checkout process, you will turn more site visitors into customers. This will help increase your sales and will boost your profits.

One-Click Order Bumps

CartFlows Review - One Click Order Bumps

Oftentimes, the owners of online shopping sites choose to integrate additional offers into the checkout page. They do this for the reason this marketing technique is effective and it works pretty well. You’ll be able to increase your sales by 10% – 30% if you choose to offer additional products (services) to your prospects on the checkout page.

Use one-click order bumps on the checkout page if when it’s necessary to sell the products or services which are related to the main item. One-click order bumps work well for selling complementary products, training programs, or extended warranties. It’s pretty easy to integrate one-click order bumps into the checkout page on an online store with the CartFlows plugin.

Unlimited Upsells /Downsells

CartFlows Review - Unlimited Upsells Downsells

Let’s assume that a person has purchased some products or services on an online store. However, it’s possible to get even more sales after the checkout process.

All that you have to do is to offer additional products/services to a client after the checkout process is complete. Offer products/services which are relevant to the item that a client has bought. It’s a great way to promote other products/services and increase sales on a website.

The CartFlows WordPress plugin gives store owners such an opportunity. The plugin comes with the unlimited Upsells/Downsells. It’s a great idea to use this amazing feature for selling one time offers or related products/services.

If, for example, you are selling software products on your website then you can make use of the unlimited Upsells/Downsells to promote the advanced software package that’s similar to the one that your client has recently purchased.

Some Other Features of the CartFlows WordPress Plugin

We have just described the key features of the CartFlows plugin. However, the plugin has so many other great features as well. So, this list could go on and on. Now, let’s consider the other features of the plugin.

Analytics & Tracking

CartFlows Review - Analytics & Tracking

You must track the sales process and measure results regularly. The CartFlows plugin comes with analytics & tracking tools that you can easily integrate into your online store. So, you’ll be able to track the performance of your advertising campaign. If you find that something goes wrong, then you need to make changes to your marketing strategy.

Dynamic Linking

CartFlows Review - Dynamic Linking

With the CartFlows WordPress plugin, business owners can create dynamic links for your online store. The CartFlows plugin comes with a dynamic linking engine. Take advantage of this feature to get dynamic links for a shopping site.

Cart Abandonment

CartFlows Review - Cart Abandonment

It’s worth noting that this feature has been added to the plugin recently. With cart abandonment, you can retarget your prospects successfully. If, for example, someone leaves your online store without a purchase then you’ll get an email address of this person. As a result, you will have an opportunity to retarget him/her in the future.

Checkout Custom Fields

CartFlows Review - Checkout Custom Fields

Would you like to customize your checkout page by adding or hiding custom fields? If so, you need to use this feature. The CartFlows plugin comes with the checkout fields editor that allows online store owners to add or hide custom fields on the checkout page anytime.

Global Checkout

CartFlows Review - Global Checkout

The CartFlows plugin makes it possible for you to create the perfect checkout page for your site. When the checkout page is ready, you’ll be able to connect it to a checkout template.

Documentation and Video Tutorials

CartFlows Review - Documentation and Video Tutorials

Read the documentation and watch videos about CartFlows. The documentation of the plugin covers the questions, which are frequently asked by people about the CartFlows WordPress plugin. YouTube videos provide users with tips for using the CartFlows plugin. This will help you get more information on the features of the plugin and figure out how it works.      

How CartFlows WordPress Plugin Works

CartFlows Review - How CartFlows WordPress Plugin Works

The main purpose of the CartFlows WordPress plugin is to build an advanced sales funnel on a website. The process of creating a sales funnel with the CartFlows WordPress plugin consists of several stages. Now, let’s walk through these stages together and try to figure out how the CartFlows WordPress plugin works.

Before getting started, you have to install the CartFlows WordPress plugin on your website. Plus, you must have a WooCommerce plugin installed on your WordPress site.

First and foremost, you have to create an offer for your prospects. In other words, you have to add new products to your WordPress site. Use WooCommerce for this purpose.

You have to create the main product that is going to be your main offer. Plus, you need to create additional products (products which are related to your main product). These products are bump offers. The clients will see the bump offers when they are on the checkout page.

You have to provide the data about each of your products. You need to describe the product, pick an image for it, specify the product type and price of the product. You can specify the regular price and sale price for the product. You have to specify the sale price for the product if you would like to provide people with a discount. When creating the product, you can also create a coupon code for your offer in WooCommerce.

Once the main product and additional products have been created, it’s time to start building a flow with the CartFlows WordPress plugin. Choose CartFlows in your WordPress dashboard and click on Flow.

At this stage, the CartFlows WordPress plugin will provide you with the three options. You can add a new flow, export a flow, or import a flow on a WordPress site. The interface of the plugin is very simple, so you’ll be able to figure out how it works quickly.

Let’s say that you don’t want to do everything from scratch. In this case, you can import a ready template to a site and start building a flow with the CartFlows WordPress plugin. Make use of ready templates when creating a flow.

When creating a flow this way, you will get access to the template flaws library. So, all that you need to do is to pick a flow that looks and feels good. Initially, you should analyze the templates which are available in the library and study their features carefully. This will help you make a smart choice and pick a suitable template for a flow.

The CartFlows WordPress plugin offers plenty room for customization. Every template comes with a landing page, a checkout page, and a thank you page. So, you can customize landing, checkout, and thank you pages in a template.

When analyzing templates in the library, pay close attention to each of these three aspects. You should aim to pick a template that meets your marketing needs in the best possible way. Then, just pick a template that is more to your liking and start using it.

Next, you have to start customizing your flow by updating the content on your store’s pages. A landing page, a checkout page and thank you page are completely customizable.

When updating content on pages of your website, you have to provide links on other site’s pages. By doing so, you’ll be able to connect products and pages on a website together.

Lastly, you have to integrate your funnel with your payment processor. So, your customers will start buying products on your site and generate sales for your business.

Final Thoughts

Right now, the plugin costs $299 per year. Some people find the CartFlows WordPress plugin too expensive. However, this is not the truth. In reality, the developer of the plugin provides their customers with a great deal.

The CartFlows is a feature-rich WordPress plugin. The plugins has many great features. So, you will pay much more if you choose to purchase all features of the plugin separately.

It’s possible to install the plugin on 30 websites. That means that the CartFlows would be the perfect choice particularly if you are planning to use it for many sites. You will reduce your costs dramatically if you get the most out of the plugin.

You can build unlimited sales funnels for your business and monitor their performance with CartFlows.

But most importantly, the CartFlows WordPress plugin allows online store owners to increase the conversion rate, get more sales as well as boost ROI. All of this will contribute greatly to business success.

As you can see, the CartFlows WordPress plugin delivers multiple significant benefits to the owners of online stores. That means that it’s worth buying!

Anyway, you have nothing to lose because CartFlows is a risk-free product. The developers of the CartFlows WordPress plugin provide their customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This reduces their risks. If you don’t like the plugin, you’ll be able to refuse from it and get your money back within 30 days. So, the CartFlows plugin is worth trying. Just give it a try!

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