10 Best WooCommerce Themes

astra theme

WooCommerce is an effective solution for people who are interested in creating an online store. With WooCommerce, you’ll find it easy to turn your WordPress site into a great online shopping site for selling products or services. 

If you choose to integrate WooCommerce into WordPress, you need to pick the right theme for your website. In this case, it would be better to consider WooCommerce WordPress themes. 

WordPress themes of this type come with built-in shopping carts, pre-made page templates, reviews, and many other great features. So, you’ll have everything that’s needed to build an excellent WooCommerce site on WordPress. 

Luckily, there are so many good WordPress WooCommerce themes available these days. Each theme comes with its unique features and has its own pros and cons. That’s the reason why some business owners and developers find it difficult to make a smart choice. 

Today, we’ll provide a review of the 10 best WooCommerce themes for WordPress. We’ll describe each of these WooCommerce themes and explain how they can make a difference. So, you’ll be able to pick a theme that meets your eCommerce site’s needs in the best possible way.   


Astra Theme

Astra is a WordPress theme that has been designed with WooCommerce sites in mind. You can use a FREE version of the theme. However, if you need more than a FREE theme can offer to you, then it makes sense to consider a paid theme. The Astra Pro comes with many great additional features.

Astra WooCommerce Theme Main Features

The theme’s features include built-in header and footer options, pre-built website templates, mega menu, dedicated sidebar, lots of site layouts, blog layouts as well as multiple colors and fonts. The theme also impresses with its WooCommerce features. Astra Pro theme comes with a dropdown cart, quick product view option, off-canvas sidebar, sales bubble style, numerous product gallery options for shop page, and many others.   

Astra Theme Pros

Astra Theme Cons



Flatsome is another good WooCommerce WordPress theme. The theme has more than 70,000 sales and this number is growing. People tend to use the theme to build online stores, business sites, portfolio sites, and other types of sites.   

Flatsome WooCommerce Theme Main Features

Among the key theme’s features are pre-built templates, live page builder, live search, customizable product pages, customizable checkout pages, a product quick view option, etc. The developers update the theme regularly.    

Flatsome Theme Pros

Flatsome Theme Cons



You can also use the OceanWP theme to build a WooCommerce site on WordPress. Thousands of developers use the OceanWP theme to develop websites for their customers these days. With the OceanWP theme, you’ll find it easy to create a shopping website on WordPress and convert users into customers. The theme already has over 2.5 million downloads.  

OceanWP WooCommerce Theme Main Features

The OceanWP theme has many great features. The theme comes with creative demos, native cart popup, floating bar for “Add to Cart” button, off-canvas filters, quick product view option, and so on. There are many extensions for the OceanWP theme. These include Cookie Notice, Instagram, Full Screen, Stick Anything, Popup Login, White Label, and others.    

OceanWP Theme Pros

OceanWP Theme Cons


divi theme

Divi is one of the most popular themes for WordPress today. Divi theme is a product of Elegant Themes. The theme already has more than 550,000 sales and its customer base is growing year after year. Divi would be the perfect choice for WooCommerce sites. 

Divi WooCommerce Theme Main Features

Divi impresses developers with its features. The theme comes with the ultimate WordPress page builder (header and footer builder, post and product template builder), pre-made designs, and lots of website elements like call to actions, sliders, blogs, galleries, forms, pricing tables, WooCommerce modules, etc. Divi theme also offers many great features for marketing including a social sharing system, built-in split-testing, leads optimization tool, and others.    

Divi Theme Pros

Divi Theme Cons


porto theme

It’s a great idea to build a WooCommerce site on WordPress with the Porto theme. This theme is the perfect choice for beginners and professionals. Over 30,000 people already use Porto theme for their sites and, most importantly, they all have a happy smile on their faces.   

Porto WooCommerce Theme Main Features

The theme has all the necessary features and tools that make the process of creating an online shopping site simple and quick. The theme’s key features include Drag & Drop Header Builder, layouts, sidebar, sliders, shop category pages as well as shop by category, mega-menu, and so on.   

Porto Theme Pros

Porto Theme Cons


woodmart theme

WoodMart is one of the best WordPress themes for creating online stores. The theme already has over 11,000 customers. You can use the WoodMart WordPress theme to build a shop for selling any kind of product. WoodMart allows sellers to create featured categories, featured products, best sellers, and discounts on their online stores. 

WoodMart WooCommerce Theme Main Features

The theme’s main features include Visual Header Builder, full AJAX shop, over 60 demo layouts, 15 pre-built home pages, unlimited headers, off-canvas sidebar, built-in mega menu, different product page layouts and styles, built-in wishlist as well as color and size filters. 

WoodMart Theme Pros

WoodMart Theme Cons



XStore is another good WordPress theme for building great looking and fully functioning online stores. The theme makes it possible for online store owners to create effective product pages. With XStore, you’ll be able to show your products in the best possible way. XStore theme can proudly boast of 500,000 happy customers. 

XStore WooCommerce Theme Main Features

The theme impresses with its great features. XStore comes with over 10 demos, built-in mega menus, different page layouts, powerful, built-in header builder, multiple header templates, off-canvas effects, mobile navigation bar, drag and drop builder, live theme options, product quick option, etc.

XStore Theme Pros

XStore Theme Cons



A Martfury theme is an ideal option if you would like to create either a marketplace or an online store.  

Martfury WooCommerce Theme Main Features

Martfury has all the features that an online store needs. These include 10 unique homepages, single product full width, price comparison, powerful page builder, product deals with countdown, advanced live search, recently viewed products, daily deals, mega menu, featured products, product image zoom, search trending, layouts for shop pages and product pages, etc.  

Martfury Theme Pros

Martfury Theme Cons



Electro would be the best choice if you are looking for a WordPress theme to build an online store for selling electronic products. You can also develop other types of online stores with this theme. Electro is also a good theme for creating multi-vendor online marketplaces and affiliate sites.    

Electro WooCommerce Theme Main Features

The theme comes with all features of WooCommerce including product carousel, product deals, store directory, advanced reviews, accessories management, different types of homepages, shop pages, and product pages, custom product comparison options, and others.

Electro Theme Pros

Electro Theme Cons



The shopkeeper theme is designed to make it possible for you to create a perfect online store that meets your eCommerce needs. With this WordPress online store theme, you’ll be able to sell anything online.  

Shopkeeper WooCommerce Theme Main Features

Shopkeeper theme main features include different layouts for product pages, unlimited header styles, product galleries, blog layouts, Drag & Drop page builder, etc.  

Shopkeeper Theme Pros

Shopkeeper Theme Cons

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for reading this article. We’ve just reviewed some of the best WordPress themes for building WooCommerce sites. Explore all of your options carefully and make the best possible choice! Best of luck!  


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